Sunday, November 7

Oh shit

I've lost count of how many times I've said that since I bought the boat. But this is the first time I meant it literally.

I'm learning that sounds are very important. "Beep Beep" and "drip drip" I've got figured out... but "Splash splash" had me confused... especially coming from the engine room, and only when you pump the toilet. Hmmm...

I opened the aft access to the engine room and pumped the toilet, and that's when the shit hit the fan. Or rather, when it hit the engine room deck. Ew. Turns out one of the sewage pipes in the engine room had sprung a leak. Before I could even think about climbing in to fix it, we had to clean up the mess. I grabbed the hose from the pier, turned off the bilge pumps to avoid accidentally pumping waste overboard, and sprayed down the engine room deck into the bilge.

Necessities: Air Freshener and Hose. Posted by Hello
I pretty much just blasted the place clean. Next I took the Shop Vac and sucked the bilge clean. We then (very carefully) carted the ShopVac to the marina toilet, and flushed the contents. On the way back we threw out the ShopVac. It was old and shitty anyway.

Posted by Hello The last known picture of our old Shop Vac

After cleaning the engine room, I finally dared to check out the leak. Unfortunately, I’m a shitty plumber, and I couldn’t fix the problem myself, so I had to call in the pros. Marine Sanitation will be here Monday. In the meantime, we have another head in the forepeak, so don't worry - we’re not completely shit outta luck.



At 12:57 PM, Blogger Sandbox Fun said...

CHT the one shipboard acronym I'll never forget and hopefully an accident I'll never encounter. Just another thing I need to think about before buying a boat. Your the man though I hope you gave the shop vac a proper burial at sea...50nm out if I remember correctly! Good luck with your boat!


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