Sunday, October 24

That Kind of Girl

I never thought I’d be that kind of girl… you know, the one who gets her nails done every other day, the girl that has a “colorist,” the type that has a different pair of sunglasses for each outfit. But today I did something that put me dangerously close to being the kind of girl my friend Brian calls an HMB (the H and M stand for High-Maintenance).

I bought Duncan clothes. And not something purely functional like a life jacket. He now has a cable knit sweater, and a cute little fleece hoodie. We just couldn’t help it!

Duncan in his Search and Rescue hoodie, which is perfectly appropriate - he looks just like a rugged mountain dog that would assist in avalanche rescues, don't you think? Squint your eyes, nod politely, and play along, please. Posted by Hello

Little Blue Riding Hood Posted by Hello

In our defense, it’s getting colder and although the boat has heat, the heater runs on diesel, so we don’t like to leave it on while we’re gone. However, poor little Duncan is on the boat all day. At the coldest it gets down to the 50’s, which isn’t so bad… but we still feel a bit guilty.

So instead of suffering through the chill, Duncan has to suffer through the indignity of being dressed up like a doll. But a very cute and well-dressed doll!

We've said it before: It's a rough life being a boat dog. Posted by Hello


At 8:00 PM, Blogger Don said...

Your poor dog looks like you've been beating it! Let the darn dog curl up in a corner while you are gone! Give it a doggie blanket (ordinary just reserved for the dog) and go away. Don't dress it up like a overaged queen! Can the animal have NO dignity?


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