Friday, September 10

If you want the job done right...

...hire someone else to do it.

After weeks of painting the boat ourselves, we finally decided it was time to hand the job over to someone else. We’d painted the pilothouse and the salon, and although the title of this entry implies otherwise, we’d actually done a pretty good job.

But bottom paint is another story. It’s thick, goopy stuff, and oftentimes the prep work involves not just sanding, but stripping off all of the old paint. Sounds like a perfect job for someone else. Of course, once we admitted to ourselves it was OK to hire help, it was awfully tempting to get the rest of the hull painted too. So we splurged, and asked Manuel Rojas at the Port of Edmonds to finish the paint job for us.

I’m sure you’re eager (or at least mildly curious) to see what the boat looks like pulled out of the water, but I’m saving all the before and after pictures for the entry we write when the boat is completely painted.

In the meantime, Tom and I suddenly had a lot of time on our hands. If you’re in Seattle and it’s a beautiful, sunny, late summer day, there is no better mission than a hike to see the mountain. The mountain, for those living outside of Emerald City, is Mt Rainier. So we jumped in my truck and headed for Glacier View Wilderness. If you've ever seen Rainier up close, you know how stunning it is. You can’t help but make it the focus of your shot again:

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And again:

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And again:

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Anyway, sorry for yet another non-boat related entry. We can’t help it, we needed a break! However, by this Monday the boat will be painted and in her permanent moorage in Seattle, at which point we’ll inundate you with boat pics and info.



At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you guys
My name is Henri and I play in a world music trio in the emerald city; I am also a boating enthusiast and have always wanted to take a trip up the inside passage. I'm currently building a houseboat out of sea kayaks - fully solar powered ! - and I will be taking it from Seattle to Yakitat. Thinking of starting a soy grove and farmers market up north. Maybe we hook up sometime and compare notes over coffee (shade-grown, of course!). e-mail: spiritohana - at- Ciao.


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