Thursday, September 23

Lessons Learned

I'm sure we'll be adding to this repeatedly, but here's a little list of what we've learned so far, in no particular order:

-Don’t do 5 loads of wash Sunday evening, or you won’t have any water left in the tanks for a shower Monday morning. Not a good way to start the week.

-Desiccant, desiccant, desiccant.

-If you hire someone to paint a stripe on your boat, make them physically show you exactly where they are going to paint it.

-When people say wooden boats are a lot of work, they mean it. No, really. More than you could ever comprehend.

-Dust the blinds weekly.

-There’s a big difference between operating a 20’ work skiff, and operating a 48’ twin diesel motor yacht that happens to be carrying all your worldly possessions.

-Making a “few small changes” to the interior is never quite as cheap and easy as you think it’ll be.

-Don't panic. Take a deep breath and figure out how to do what you want to do. Just don't freak out about every little thing.

-Leave a nice note on the boat you just hit.

-When people say a boat is just a hole in the water that you pour money into, they mean it. No, really. More than you could ever comprehend.

-Jessi and Tom


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