Friday, October 1


As mentioned before, we’ve finally finished most of the big projects, but we still have a lot of little projects left to complete. Luckily, the little projects are kinda fun, and not nearly as time-consuming or urgent as, for example, getting the boat painted before winter hits. Therefore, we can put off little projects until the weekend. And even then, we usually spend one weekend day doing fun stuff, and the other day working on the boat.

Last weekend was a perfect example. Saturday we slept in, ate breakfast at CJ’s (best breakfast in Belltown), and then headed out to the Gorge to see G-Love and Jack Johnson. The show was great, made even better by the location. The Gorge Amphitheatre is in central WA, 20 minutes from the nearest town, perched on the cliffs overlooking the Columbia River. An amazing venue:

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Sunday was chore day - Tom cleaned the outside of the boat while I cleaned the inside. Stereotypical assignment of chores, sure. But I can't help it! Little does Tom know (although I guess I'm about to blow my cover) I actually like cleaning the inside of the boat. Or rather, I like the results, which makes the chore not so bad. Here’s a pic of the pilothouse, gleaming after a good Pledge polish. Note the yacht log, a great boat-warming gift from Tom’s parents:

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Meanwhile, Tom was outside scrubbing all the bird poop off the decks (see why I like to clean the inside?) Ah, the romantic life of living on a boat…

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As soon as he finished, I quickly took a picture. Who knows how soon the little birdies will show up to poop all over it again.

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Tom is also the one who tucks and smooths our couch slipcover, because he seems to have a flair for making it look perfect. He ties the bow on the corners just so:

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Once he’s done smoothing the slipcover, Tom quickly turns on ESPN2, gets his power tools from the engine room, and then goes outside to rev his motorcycle a few times. I can’t imagine why...



At 4:33 PM, Blogger Gerry said...

Have you ever thought that a boat is like a dog it is always happy when you come back with food, Virginia my wife does all the work and I take the credit.

The boats name is Kakadu I'am Gerry wife is virginia we live on the boat in Oxnard Ca. for two years its a Hatteras LRC moving to friday harbor soon


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