Tuesday, June 1

Sea Change's Complete Profile

Sea Change (in a past life as Lady Lanor) with previous owners.

Sea Change as the Big Bad Boat with current owners Tom and Jessi!


At 12:44 PM, Blogger Don and Susie Gesualdo said...

Hi Tom and Jessie

It was great to see your blog. It caught my eyes because we are on OLD couple who bought a boat in San Francisco Bay and decided to liveaboard.

We are getting ready to leave the area. On October 6 (if all goes as planned) we are leaving the area to port hop down California and into Mexico.

I've set up a blog site, but have only one post on it. I do have more in the works though. Right now I'm working, but will be retiring in two weeks. At that point we will be busy getting the last minute things done on the boat, but once we get under way I expect to have lots of time.


You have a great blog. I'll be checking in regularly.

Susie Gesualdo

At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom and Susie

Beautiful Boat, I hope she provides you with lots of happy and safe cruising. We share the wood boat restoration gene !!!




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