Wednesday, September 22

Getting comfortable

Field season is over and I’ve officially moved onto the boat, which is pretty great. Great because I get to see Tom every day instead of only on weekends, great because I don’t have to commute to San Juan Island every week (5 hour trip including the ferry line), great because my suitcase might just stay unpacked for more than a month… and great because I’m living on a boat! What a cool experience, especially in an area like Puget Sound!

I’m not the only one who’s getting comfortable on the boat. Duncan is also turning into a salty old sea dog.

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Of course, we wouldn’t be good parents if we didn’t ruin his cool by making him wear a lifejacket when the boat is underway. Judging by the way he splays his legs out and hugs the ground whenever he gets near the edge of the boat, I think he’s secretly glad we make him wear it. Anyway, here’s Duncan’s latest outfit:

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Obviously, wearing the life jacket totally freaks him out and he just can’t relax when it’s on:

It's a rough life being a boat dog. Posted by Hello



At 3:03 PM, Blogger Penny said...

Too cute! Be sure to post plenty about how Duncan adjusts to life on the boat. I have dogs and if I ever get to live on a boat I want to know what to expect.


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