Wednesday, July 21

Now what?

Now the work begins! Actually, the work began last week, before the sale was completely final. As previously blogged, Tom got started on the sanding during the week, and then I went to Kingston over the weekend to help out a bit. Yes, some of the "helping" involved buying rugs for the salon and plants for the forward stateroom. But! Some of the helping also involved sanding and painting. For those in doubt (DAD), see below for proof that not only did I sand, but I even let Tom take a picture of me doing so (I'm usually not very keen on being photographed).

We can do it! Posted by Hello

Before I launch into this next paragraph, a disclaimer: I am a competent woman who is not afraid to learn new skills, even if they have nothing to do with fashion or cosmetics. That said, here's a secret: sanding with an electric sander is a lot like ironing. Don't press too hard or stay in one spot too long, or you'll burn the clothes (sand down to bare wood). On the other hand, don't just zip past an area or the fabric will stay wrinkled (you won't rough up the surface enough). And when it comes to the entire painting process  - well, that's a lot like painting your toenails. First buff (sand)  to even out any rough spots. Then, use a thin base coat to cover up any imperfections. Paint in layers to keep the paint coverage even, and keep in mind that globs of paint and brush marks look bad.  As much as you may want to touch the paint to see if it's dry, resist temptation or you'll get little fingerprints on everything and ruin it all.

If only painting the boat really was like painting my tootsies. One Wednesday evening of watching reality TV, and we'd be done!
And now, the pics you came to see: 

Tom and Duncan on the bow Posted by Hello


Duncan, working hard Posted by Hello

- Jessi


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