Thursday, September 2

Work hard, play hard

This entry doesn't really have anything to do with the boat. But maybe our readers are as sick of hearing about blinds and portholes as we are of dealing with them (the blinds and portholes, that is). Anyway, with all the work we've been doing, we decided it was high time for a little vacation. Several months ago we bought a trip to Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho, at the Passages Northwest benefit auction. Last week seemed like a good time to go, so off we went.

Schweitzer Mountain. No, that's not snow on the mountain. Not yet. But soon... soon! Posted by Hello

The first day was a bit rainy and cold, but we managed to have fun anyway. We armed ourselves with a couple of Kokanees to keep us warm, and started a round of disc golf. Of course, just as we finished the first hole, the fog cleared briefly and we couldn't help but get distracted by the mountain views. We rode the chairlift to the top and ran around taking pictures before the clouds returned:

Views from the chairlift. Posted by Hello

Kokanee - better than a blanket! Posted by Hello

Who cares about fog? We're on vacation! Posted by Hello

The second day had the sunshine we were hoping for, so we went horseback riding in the morning, which was great. Normally when I think of trail rides, I imagine a long line of horses with screaming 10 yr olds perched atop every poor animal. Maybe that's because I used to be one of those 10 yr olds. Anyway, we lucked out, and that morning it was just the two of us and the trail guide - so basically we got a private trip for the price of a group trail ride. Very nice.

Tom and Pokey. I mean, Smokey. Posted by Hello

Me and Jig. Posted by Hello

Smokey and Jig took us to Picnic Point. Posted by Hello

In the afternoon we rented mountain bikes, and Tom zipped down the mountain while Colonel Cautious (that'd be me) tested the brakes all the way down the fire road. At least I tried! :) No pictures of us mountain biking, and I can't say I'm sorry about that...

Overall, it was a fun and relaxing mini-vacation. Next blog entry is in Tom's hands, but I can tell you one thing: it won't be about US painting ANYTHING! Yeah!!



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