Thursday, July 15

Sea Change

Tom's asked me to post, since he's been carrying the torch on this blog lately. Of course, he's also been in the midst of the boat-buying action, while I'm still up here on San Juan Island doing field work. However, yesterday we were fogged in (again) and I decided it would be a great time to learn how to post pictures to this blog (hopefully my advisor doesn't read this, because it also would have been a great time to process some data... ) I've noticed blogs with pictures are more reader-friendly. I won't think too hard about the implications of that.

Anyway. It's actually quite easy to put up pictures, so I thought the first thing I'd do is put up a pic of the boat:

Sea Change Posted by Hello

Sea Change is the name we've decided on! Her old name was Lady Lanor, which we weren't too thrilled about. Yes, yes, I know it's bad luck to rename a boat, but according to superstition if you repaint the entire boat a new color, you are allowed to rename it without consequences. So there. I'll blog more on how we chose the name later. For now, I'm signing off. I've also noticed that short blogs are more reader-friendly. Again, not something I'll dwell on...


At 6:57 PM, Blogger Mark Petrelis said...

NICE BOAT - great blog!

Mark Petrelis
P.S. Do you have a fan club - I want in! LOL - OK so I'm a little envious


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