Thursday, December 6

Big Bad Boat Blog - Home Edition!

Ok, well, so we can't rightfully have the Big Bad Boat Blog anymore. Having a boat blog is hard when you don't have a boat. But we're back in the Blogosphere and just liked the old blog name too much (or we aren't creative enough to to think up a new one.) So we've started a new blog to go along with our new adventure...

We've created Tom and Jessi's Big Bad Boat Blog - Home Edition! Please come join us over there for some more stories about how we don't know what we are doing...

Anyway, here's the deal. As the previous post indicates the boat went up for sale last year. Well, we sold it and moved into a house that felt cavernous. But alas, at 1000sqft we outgrew it in only a year. Now you may ask, "You survived on a 300sqft boat for 2.5 years, how did you outgrow a house so quickly?" Well, without the novelty of living on a boat, it's a lot easier to give up more quickly. On the boat we would say, "Sure it's small, but it's a boat, it's supposed to be small."

That excuse no longer cuts it.

So, Jessi and I started going to open houses and dreaming of our "someday house." One such Sunday an idea that started out as a joke, turned into a very generous offer for help. And since we were given this huge opportunity to upgrade from our current small house to a nicer bigger house - we couldn't resist.

I'll go into more detail on the new blog, but essentially when we couldn't really find exactly what we wanted, we decided to buy a house with an awesome layout in a great neighborhood, and re-finish the inside. That way we can turn it into exactly what we want.

Since we've never remodeled a house before we figured we'd blog about it since it probably won't go smoothly. And honestly I'm already way behind. We just closed last week, construction is starting as I write, and we've already had plenty of ups and downs.

I'll get into the details in the first post over at the Big Bad Boat Blog - Home Edition! But for now.... We're back!