Sunday, June 25

Boating returns!

We said we'd start writing about boating again, so here goes...

Only instead of wood, the boats were made of rubber. And instead of Lake Washington, it was the Colorado River. And instead of Seattle, we were in the Grand Canyon... But it's close enough.

Rafting the Grand Canyon

It was a lot of fun, and rather than tell stories, we're just gonna show a bunch of pictures. No one reads the text anyway right? As always, click on any photo to enlarge it.

Jessi and her brother (Eli) looking so fresh and so clean. This was taken at the rim of the Canyon, the night before we started our trip.

The hike down.

Every night we camped in a different spot along the river's edge.

We made it our mission to find the Penthouse/Honeymoon Suite at each camp site. Not too shabby!

Jessi's Dad (Peter) and Eli taking a ride in the duckies.

Tom relaxing in a raft.

Along the way we went for some "Easy Hikes." They often lead to some amazing scenery.

This picture shows how blue the water is in some of the side canyons.

Tom wading through a side canyon

Fellow rafter Dana shows her tough side on a day hike.

One hike lead us to the throne room... ah to be queen for a day!
(From left to right: Kelly, Sullivan, and Elizabeth)

Kelly shows Jessi how to navigate the rocks.

Jessi catchin' big air. Siiiick. (In all honesty, it was pretty exhilirating - big enough that you had time to think "When am I actually gonna hit the water?")

They days were filled with "Bigs..." Big water (Lava Falls, just like Lake Washington!)

Peter and Eli, with Win (another guide) at the helm, dive into Lava Falls.

Big Scenery

Big Falls

Big Reflections

Even though the days were long and tiring, camp was usually fun. Here's Eli chattin' up Kelly before the No-Talent Show.
Nothing but good clean fun on this river trip.

This can't end well... Tom bellyflops onto a makeshift "Slip N Slide" at camp one evening.

Win lookin' hot doing dishes at camp.

It was an incredible trip. We highly recommend it, and we highly recommend Canyon Explorations, the company we went with.

These are all of our fearless guides. They made the trip what it was! Thanks to Kelly, Susan, Geoff, Kristin, Win and Kent!!

It really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. DO IT!

Bye Bye River!!

-Tom and Jessi