Monday, December 5

Diva Dash

This past Saturday I participated in the Diva Dash. The Diva Dash is a womens-only 5k run/walk (plus a 1k walk for little Divas) that raises money for a great organization called Girls on the Run. In addition to the entry fee I made a small donation, and along with a warm fuzzy feeling I also got the title "Fairy Godmother" and a fancy foam tiara to wear on my head while I ran:

Nope, it's not the Statue of Liberty - it's me, in a tiara!

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, and there's something really cool about running with a bunch of women, and only women. I hate to sound cliched, but it was empowering.

So fast the camera couldn't catch me! Or, so fast that Tom's crappy cell phone camera couldn't focus. One of the two.

An interesting sight: all the men on the sideline, and all the women participating.

The Diva Dash was so successful that our local paper even covered it. I can't wait to participate next year!



At 11:34 AM, Anonymous anita said...

You look so cute in your tiara! Way to go!!! You Diva you! Sorry I didn't run with ya, maybe next year? Thanks for meeting up afterwards even after I kept changing meeting times with ya due to being on call. I'm so glad we finally got to meet and can't wait to do our double-date with Tom and Zac :). Have fun on your vacation. Talk to you soon.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are amazing!

At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a couple of your posts on and had to check out the blog. Very impressive. What's it take to schedule a tour on the Big Bad Boat? I'm interested in buying a liveaboard in Seattle, but want to know what I'm getting into.


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