Tuesday, October 25


Look, I haven't been just sitting on my ass being sad because Jessi's not here... I've made progress!! (Sweetie, I'm posting this so you can see how home is changing)

I installed the new countertop... it's hard to see but it's grey formica.

New Countertop!

Remember the old one?

Old Countertop!

It was a huge pain in the butt. The previous owner had glued the old countertop in place instead of screwing it in, like most normal folks would. So I had to mount my new countertop on top of the old one, instead of just replacing it. And, we didn't buy a pre-fabricated coutertop, so I actually had to cut and glue the laminate down myself. Turns out cutting laminate is harder than I thought... it's very difficult not to chip it. So, I'm building the trim pieces to cover the chips! Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone.

Oh, and the sink is only in there temporarily so I can have some running water. The clips that hold it in place have rusted out totally, so it's just kind of balancing in there right now. But at least I can brush my teeth! This means I have to buy and install a new sink. This is coming shortly.

Next, I removed all the doors and hardware, taped up the ceiling and mirrors and got it ready for paint. We will be painting it an off-white grey, as opposed to the off-white nasty, stained looking yellow it is now.

Taped and ready to go!

After paint, the trim pieces go back on, as do the doors and the new stainless hardware, and the tile backsplash goes back up. Finally, we are gonna drop in a new piece of linoleum floor. It's really going to look great! I can't wait to finish it off...



At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to shop for titles! I don't know which is worse - that I watch too much t.v. or that my short term memory is shorting out. Either way, feel free to shop at my place!

Your renovation is looking great. Keep up the good work.


At 5:43 PM, Blogger Jessi and Tom said...

Ha! I definitely didn't mean to imply that! I just thought it was funny we'd both come up with the same title. For anyone wondering what we're talking about, check here:



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