Saturday, October 22

A taste of my own medicine

I'm so glad I'm not going to sea anymore. They were tough times. I remember back when I went on patrol, all the wives and girlfriends dropped off their crewmembers with tearful goodbyes. There were pierside hugs and kisses, and promises of quick returns. They were such sad days. After the farewells, all of the wives and girlfriends would go to a nearby park and watch the submarine go to sea. Some would even take pictures of the boat leaving.

That's me all the way on the left.

See... Hi Tom!

Well, things change, but somehow they also stay the same. This past Sunday I dropped Jessi off at the Thomas G. Thompson so she could go on a 2 week research cruise. Booooooooooo!!! And although going to sea is tough, this time I got to see the crappy side of the coin. I tell you, it sucks being left behind. I'm bummed and she's only going to sea for 2 weeks! (And then she's flying to AZ to celebrate her stepmom's retirement, so I don't get to see her for 3 weeks total!) I can really feel for the Navy families whose significant others leave for 3 to 6 MONTHS!

After I dropped her off, I went to go take some pictures.

Thomas G. Thompson pierside.

Tooooooooooooot!!!! The ship is underway.

Passing through Lake Union on her way out to Puget Sound. If you click on the picture, you can actually see Jessi between two buildings near the bow of the ship.

The Thompson pulling into the Ballard Locks.

She's a sailor!

She's a scientist too!

Wait... where am I?

Time to leave the Locks....

Bye my Sweetie! There she is on the second deck. Have fun!

So, almost a week has gone by and I've been able to email or talk to her almost every day, but it's just not the same. 10 minutes a day isn't enough. She's doing well, getting work done (as always) but can't wait to come home. Well Sweetie, I love you and I can't wait for you to come home too.

I just can't wait to see that smiling face again in person.



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