Tuesday, September 6

No more Pre's

And finally... the famed Jessi's-parents-trip. I was damn nervous about this one.

Intimidating huh? Jessi's dad is almost as tall as that tree! And, look how huge his hand is!

Just kidding, but I did want everything to be perfect. I mean, talk about pressure. I just HAD to do it right. I could just see the breakup happening, "Tom, I love you, but... I mean, you sank our home with my parents on board. And did you have to scream like a girl while being the first one to jump from the burning wreckage?" I played pretty much every scenario in my head. I just didn't want to look like a fool... ramming other boats, or forgetting things like how to start the engines. What boyfriend doesn't want to impress his girlfriend's family? But it went off without a (significant) hitch. Pretty much smooth like butter.

We spent one night in Seattle before taking off early the next morning. Sea Change can sleep 4 in two staterooms, plus we have a big inflatable mattress. We could probably sleep more, but it was fairly comfortable with 5 of us (Jessi and I, her parents Peter and Meredith, and her brother Eli). Of course that's easy for me to say, since I get one of the real beds...

Eli sleeping in the topside stateroom.

We set off early the next morning for the San Juans. Unfortunately, out of the past 4 times I've crossed the Straits of Juan de Fuca, this one was the worst. We had 4-5 foot seas and moderately heavy winds from the west. The whole time we were in the Straits (2 hours) was one big exercise in keeping things from falling off of shelves. It sucked. Cabinets slamming, dogs whining (not a "sea dog" remember), the boat bobbing like a cork, getting knocked 30 degrees off course... Everyone was a really good sport though. Even at his worst, Jessi's brother Eli insisted everything was fine... and then 10 minutes later he officially christened the boat by yakking off the stern. (Sorry Eli!) Other than that and the mild fog at the entrance to the San Juan Channel, we had no issues.

That night was the first of 3 parties (1 birthday, 1 wedding vow renewal, and 1 retirement - all for the same family). It was a great weekend filled with great company and great times.

Left to Right, bottom to top: Peter, Jessi, Tom, Meredith, Eli, and Suzy (the hostess, birthday girl, bride, and retiree!)

After partying and relaxing for the weekend we got underway for Seattle. The trip home was much smoother in terms of wind and waves, but boy was it foggy. I had to sound the fog horn for about an hour through the Straits. Nerve wracking. But, we made it home safely and I was finally able to relax! Of course, I knew that in a few weeks MY parents were coming to town, and that they'd want to cruise Lake Washington for a day. But I was a lot less nervous about impressing them... I mean I have known them for 28 years!


p.s. Tom wasn't going to post this pic but I absolutely love it, and I'm sneaking it in. It was taken the night of the wedding. Check out Tom's Navy dress uniform and Eli's all-denim Levi's suit (interesting formal attire was greatly encouraged):

Also, Tom's a guy and so he doesn't understand the importance of including a pic of the gorgeous bridal party - not to mention the fabulous scenery! Here's a photo of Suzy and Hawk renewing their vows at their property on the west side of San Juan Island:

And finally, it should be mentioned that most of the pictures for this entry were blatantly stolen from Ray's website. Ray is Suzy and Hawk's son, and a great photographer as well!



At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom, you were great! And the trip was perfect. The Navy is crazy to let you go...

And, Jess, how come you didn't include the pic with flowers in your hand... :-#)

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful story!
MV Abyssinia


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