Saturday, July 2


So I realize that a post about Israel is long overdue. Unfortunately, most of my digital pictures are currently MIA, and after losing the pics (temporarily, I hope) I'm kinda bummed and just not that motivated to blog about Israel.

What happened to the pics? Well, we dumped them from my camera onto the laptop, and then, like a good little girl, I started to move the pics from the laptop to Shutterfly (online storage/back-up). In the middle of the transfer, the laptop crashed and now refuses to restart. The error message reads something like "Operating System Unavailable" or maybe "Idiots! You thought you could trust Windows!" ...I can't remember which.

Luckily, all the other files on the laptop are backed up to an external hard drive. And there's still some hope for the Israel pics: Tom gave the laptop hard drive to a friend at work who might be able to recover them (gotta love those Navy nerds), and if that doesn't work apparently there's software that will pull them off the camera memory card. Keep your fingers crossed!



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