Friday, May 27

Playing hookie

So THIS is why we live aboard:

It was a record breaking day in Seattle yesterday. Perfect weather: sunny, warm with a slight breeze. The only problem - it was Thursday, so how could we possibly we enjoy it? Solution: skip work/school and take the boat out.

I "convinced" a couple of my friends to skip work early and come out with me and Jessi to enjoy the day. Matt and Steve came over at about 230 to cruise lake Washington. We set out along the Montlake cut and perused the charts for a spot to anchor. We decided on Cozy Cove on the eastern shore.

The little red boat is home, the blue X is Cozy Cove.

Rainier on the way to Cozy Cove

Jessi chillin' in Cozy Cove

In keeping with my desire to practice things by just doing it, we tried a few firsts on this voyage.

Our first anchoring:

Nice work

Our first swim off the swim step (It was very cold!):

Get in the damn water, wussy boy.


Our first time deploying the sattelite ship (a.k.a. dinghy):

How romantic!

Big Bad Boat

Our first grilling session away from homeport

At about 6 we decided to haul in the anchor and head home. The next day when Steve was describing the trip to our buddy he said, "It was like a commercial. It started out awesome, and then kept getting awesomer." Um, thanks Steve.



At 11:06 AM, Blogger Mario Gonzalez said...

Hello Tom and Jessi, My wife and I just love what you two are doing. We to are also trying to make the break and become live aboards. We live in Miami, Fl. and are currently looking for an old Hatteras to cruise/live locally. we are also fairly young I'm 34 and my wife is 28. we have two rug rats, boys ages 6mos and the other 5yrs old.

We love your idea of creating a Blog. we started doing the same after seeing what you guys have done but we are experiencing difficulty posting pics to the blog (unable to connect to "hello"). We have tried to write to "help desk" but we haven't received a response. I might just give up and go with another "host" for posting our pics.

anyhow, we envy your life style and soon we will be joining your ranks. by the way you two are great writers, we love the way you two portray your adventures good and bad and taking it all in stride. really fun to read and I laugh my ass off with some of your stories.

good luck and we'll be in touch...

Mario and Yaisy Gonzalez
Miami, Florida

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Mario Gonzalez said...

by the way my e-mail is:

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Mario Gonzalez said...

our blog page:


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