Sunday, May 22

Opening Day

Opening day for boating season was May 7. In Seattle, this is a big deal. Lots of pomp and circumstance, a huge boat parade, and a lot of drunk boaters:

Like all good boaters, we hit the water:

Forgive us, but we really didn't want to deal with Opening Day. The lake gets ridiculously crowded, and we didn't feel like entering our boat (read: home) in the drunken pinball game of cruising Lake Union. So we left Sea Change safely tied to the dock, packed way too much crap into the truck, and headed for higher ground.

We found a perfect campsite right by the river and Tom got down to the task of making a fire.


"Me make fire!"

It was so nice to get away from the city and the crowded lake, and I think even our rugged little puppy had a good time. Of course, just as we were packing up to leave, it started to rain, at which point he ran for cover.

OK, so he's more of a city dog. That's alright, we love him anyway!



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