Friday, May 6

Farewell and Abyssinia!

Kim and Eric, co-captains of Abyssinia, departed for Alaska a few days ago. Their blog was part of the inspiration for starting ours (the other inspiration was Steve and Jocelyn, who have blogged about their adventures in Central America since before the word "blog" existed).

Anyway! Where was I? Oh, right, Kim and Eric are on their way! They cruise the Inside Passage every summer and blog about it via satellite phone. Pretty damn cool. When we make our trip up to AK, we plan on either furtively or not-so-furtively following them the whole way up, because they definitely know what they're doing. And we definitely don't.



At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so sweet, that thing you said about knowing what we're doing! Kim and Eric, MV Abyssinia


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