Thursday, May 12

Down in front!

As we've mentioned before, we have a view of the Seattle skyline, but only from our upper deck. Otherwise, the view is blocked by the boat across the way:

The good news is, we've been told that our dock basically empties out come summertime. Apparently, a lot of boats around here can actually afford to maintain TWO slips simultaneously - one for winter moorage (our marina) and one for summer moorage (usually up in the San Juans). What a rough life.

Why do we care? Well, the boat across from us took a day trip the other day, and gave us a teaser of the view we'll get when they take off for the summer:

We like our neighbors, but can you blame us for looking forward to summertime?



At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like our neighbor at Shilshole. I believe that he likes us well enough, but every year when we tell him that our departure is imminent he pumps his fist in the air and says "yes!" I choose to not take this personally!

Hope all is well with you. We are in Prince Rupert where we have internet! Next stop (maybe Monday) is Alaska. Kim, MV Abyssinia


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