Monday, March 7

Better than ADT

So, in light of some recent events I've installed a home security system. It looks a little like this...

This boat protected by GhettoCover(tm)

This system was developed to deter would-be thieves from coming on board and being disappointed. I wouldn't want anyone to expend that much effort sneaking around, breaking and entering, just for a 15 year old microwave and a bunch of books.

Actually, that window has been leaking, so the "privacy glass" is a temporary fix until it stops raining. That plastic sheeting can work short term miracles! (I call them short term, but if you ask Jessi, I bet she says they've been up there too long.) We have the plastic in several places on the boat - I guess it's a multi zone security system. I love using it, it does a great job keeping us dry, but it has one odd characteristic. No matter how small a piece you cut out of the roll, the remaining piece hanging off the roll will be too small for your next project. Of course you don't want to throw away that seemingly useful piece of plastic, so you cut it off the roll and store it. Eventually your storage spot gets so crammed with leftover sheets that you get fed up and throw them all away. That day... a new leak... which (of course) requires a piece of plastic to cover it. And (of course) you HAD a piece that would've worked perfectly. So, you cut a new piece, and the cycle continues. It's almost as if the plastic sheet manufacturer has a side deal with the "leak gods" to keep themselves in business.

So I guess its purpose is two-fold. We feel dryer, and at the same time more secure! But I must admit it is kind of ugly. However, we do feel better when we talk to other boaters who either have their whole boat covered in plastic, or use it like we do, to cover up incomplete projects.

That's a lot of plastic.

And, if if you recall, that blue tape is actually an "effort indicator." People see blue tape and think, "Well, it may be ugly, but at least he's working on it!" And now that the weather is getting nicer, I may actually have to work on it...



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