Wednesday, June 9

What do a crayon, a strip club manager, and Tom and Jessi have in common?

That's right, we're all bloggers.

Last night, I stumbled upon (OK, it was recommended on the Blogger home page) a great blog called Life at TJs Place. It's about the life of a strip-club manager, and the writing is incredible. To be honest, I don't really have an interest in what it's like to manage a strip club - or atleast, I didn't until I read Kevin's site and somehow found it compelling. A sign of good writing. Go check it out for yourself.

Anyway, back to the riddle of the day. While at TJ's place, I posted a comment that included a link back to the Big Bad Boat Blog. And whadya know, another TJs place fan came to check out our blog. Abysmal Crayon is the first random person to comment on our site. When I say random person, I mean that in a good way. Because it means that you're not friends or family, yet you're still actually interested in our big plan! How exciting!

So Crayon wanted more details about whether we'll be working or living or traveling on the boat, and where exactly we'll be going. That's the perfect excuse for me to ramble on a bit...

Initially, we'll just be living on the boat. That will probably be an adventure in itself, because we're a relatively new couple (5 months), and we're still tossing around/getting used to the whole "living together" thing. But damn it'd be fun - both to live together, and to live on a boat. Although I realize a boat can be cramped, the boat we're after right now is quite spacious. More spacious than Tom's current apartment, which is where I basically live when I'm in Seattle anyway.
So, we'll moor the boat in Seattle and live on it for awhile, while continuing to work our current jobs as submarine officer and graduate student.

Before your eyes glaze over, I promise many mini-adventures while moored in Seattle. First, getting the boat in ship shape will be amusing. I'll admit right up front that I have very little patience with "projects." Actually, it's more that I have very little patience with projects that go wrong. Yes, I know, not a good quality for a field biologist or co-skipper. So if anything, check our blog daily to see if I've ripped out all my hair yet.

Along with making the boat purty, there will definitely be some excursions out of Seattle. I'm the antsy type and always need to have some kind of trip on the horizon. There's no way we're gonna put this much time and energy and money into a boat and then let it sit there. There will be lots of cruising up to the San Juan Islands, and maybe over to Vancouver Island, and all around Puget Sound.

And then, when I finish grad school and Tom gets liberated from the Navy, it's off to Alaska! We plan on cruising the Inside Passage from Seattle, WA to Juneau, AK.

This little entry is getting a little too long, and I'm sure that as the AK trip gets closer, we'll bore you to death with details about the Inside Passage, including maps. I love maps, who's with me?

Adios for now.


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Crayon said...

loved the update! funniest title for that thread, hehehe

great work keep it up - im so impressed


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