Monday, June 14

I love money

Especially other people's money.

So I called the banks. I have verbal confirmation that the deal will happen! I can't believe it. I'm looking at a two week time frame here. In two weeks it'll be mine. I start living the dream in two weeks. (I start repainting the dream in two weeks?)
It's funny, 80% of the loan took 2 days to process. The other 20% took 20 days to process... What the hell? One bank was willing to just basically say, "Ah, whaddya say we give you a bunch of money, here ya go!" The other had to study my personal life, verify every account I have, and then take my left foot (they wanted my hand, but I thought I'd need it more for the projects on the boat.) I don't get it... But the 20 days has almost passed and the money will be available the first week of July. Also, because of the few items found on the survey, I got the seller to drop another thousand bucks off the price of the boat!! Thanks to my Pops for training me with negotiating skills! Now I just have to learn to use those skills on him... to convince him I know what I'm doing while running the boat.

Now it's all about setting up appointments to sign a billion more pieces of paperwork.

Let the games begin.



At 6:59 PM, Blogger Crayon said...

wow, getting closer! how exciting - and that sounds like you got a good loan. hope it wont take long to pay back - I wonder what this trip is for anyway, you did mentioned research of some kind i thought? I'll have to go back and have a look.

Ooooh, this site is a real time waster - im at work! Should be WORKING hahaha.

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Jessi and Tom said...

Yeah, researching just how relaxed I can get!
Really, the purpose of the trip is to do something new. My purpose for doing lots of things is to do something new. But I suppose there are other goals too. I'd like to take a ton of pictures, I really dig photography. And there is some talk of writing... mostly from Jessi. It turns out most of the people who cruise the inside passage are older folks, so I have this idea of writing about the cruise from a young-uns perspective. Maybe she'll write and I'll add some pictures... Also we want to hike. A lot. And maybe Kyak. But mostly get away from real life for a while, and do something new.


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