Thursday, June 17

Blog Hog in Paradise

Tom and I seem to switch off... for a little while, he's all about the blogging, and then I step up and hog the blog for a few days...

As I've said before, I'm on San Juan Island rather than down in Seattle, so I'm not participating too much in the boat stuff right now, which is disappointing. Tom's been to see the moorage (which he'll write about later) and continues to work on closing the deal, while I toil away in the San Juans.

Except it's not really toiling, especially on days like today. I guess this entry is meant to temper my previous one about itchy feet. Because today, there was no where else I'd rather be than here. It was perfect weather: sunny and in the 80's. I went diving in the morning, and then went out on the boat to do habitat surveys in the afternoon and evening. The evening survey was incredible, and not just because all of my equipment was actually working. As we headed back at 8 pm the sun was just beginning to set, the water was glass and the trees were glowing. My favorite time of day in the Northwest - the golden hour.

For all the frustrations and difficulties of grad school, it still means I get paid (yes, next to nothing, but still...) to have days like today.



At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesi - loved your description of the evening - in Scotland it is called "the gloaming" --- as the sunsets
we enjoyed being together in Boston....


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