Monday, June 7

Maiden Voyage of the Blog

This first one you can blame on me. Tom likes the idea of a blog but doesn't know I've gone ahead and created one. He will soon! Anyway, this is the tale of a guy who's decided to buy a boat to live-aboard, and his girlfriend who watches, waits, stresses and supports him along the way. But don't you worry, I'm no sidekick! And I'm sure Tom will remind me of this once the sale goes through, and the boat work begins.

A quick bit of info on us: I'm a UW grad student studying marine ecology. I spend my winters in Seattle and my summers doing field work at Friday Harbor Labs on San Juan Island. Tom lives in Seattle, but works on the Kitsap Peninsula. Between commuting to work and visiting each other on the weekends, we support the entire Washington State Ferries system.

Back to the interesting stuff: The boat we're currently pining after is a 48' McQueen . Nothing's final yet, but we've agreed on a price with the current owners, and done sea trials. The sea trials were good - the boat isn't perfect, but perfection is out of our price range, and the work that needs to be done seems to be within our ability. The survey will be the final word on that.

Speaking of survey, tomorrow it gets hauled out for the survey. I can't make it down to Seattle for this, which I'm actually quite bummed about. Oh well. Tom will fill us all in on the details.

And that seems to be a good end to the maiden voyage of our Big Bad Boat Blog. Next leg of the journey is up to Tom. I don't know about you, but I'm hoping for a list of things that need to be done to the boat, particularly after the survey is completed. The scary thing is, I'm being serious...



At 2:19 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

What an exciting adventure! Somehow, Jessi, it doesn't surprise me that you want to move onto a boat and sail to Alaska! Anyone else and I might be apprehensive but for someone as adventurous as fits perfectly!


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