Tuesday, March 21

Sihanoukville, Cambodia - Gitcher motor runnin'!

On our last day in Sihanoukville, we decided to rent a motoscooter and check out the nearby National Park and some of the surrounding beaches. It's possible to do a tour that includes all these activities, and our last couple tours had actually been pretty good - but we were still ready for some independence.

So we rented a scooter and took off (don't worry Dad - unlike almost everyone else, we always wore helmets! I prefer to enjoy my vacation without brain damage, thank you very much.)

We had a SWEET moto scooter and Tom got to wear the most X-TREME helmet. It was SICK!

On the way to the park we passed some water buffalo.

We thought the buffalo were super cool, but they weren't nearly as interested in us.

We soon found the entrance to the park.

The park ranger was very uptight.

Once inside the park we stumbled across yet another gorgeous beach.

We veered off the paved road and followed a dirt road along the water, through a grove of palm trees.

We were very happy to be doing some exploring on our own! With a moto as a means of transport, the world was truly our oyster!

As we were driving along I noticed movement in one of the trees. Turns out it was a guy climbing one of the trees - with no rope, no harness, no tools. Nothing but his bare hands. Scary and amazing! He seemed perfectly comfortable (as with all photos, click to enlarge).

We cruised past an oceanfront fishing village.

More shots of the fishing village.

Eventually we came to a bridge. Although we were feeling very independent and X-TREME , we decided that crossing this bridge on a scooter was a little too X-TREME for us.

So we got off, stretched our legs, and then headed back into town.

But you know what they say - it's not a real adventure until something goes wrong! Ten minutes from our guesthouse, we got a flat tire. Luckily it was fairly easy to find a roadside shop, and this guy took care of us right away.

- Jessi


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