Friday, February 3

Nha Trang - Thap Ba Hot Springs

After Monkey Island and our experiences with Wolf, we decided that tours weren't for us. Not enough freedom - in terms of both what you do and who you're with.

So the next day, even though our guesthouse offered a "special package tour" to Thap Ba Hotsprings, we decided to do it ourselves. We were looking forward to some relaxing hot springs, mud baths, and maybe even a massage. We caught a taxi to the hotsprings and bought our tickets upon arrival, for the same price we would've paid had we done the "special package tour." (Our guesthouse had sworn we'd pay 5 times as much if we tried to do it independently...) Although Thap Ba was a little more touristy and less organic than I was hoping, overall it did not disappoint.

Tom in the mud bath

Jessi relaxing

View from the tub

Argh! Turn it off, quick!

Kidding. The "hydrotherapy" showers were actually really nice.

It was a fun relaxing day, just the two of us. Just what we were after.

- Jessi


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